David Rodenburg's Smooth Jazz Record will be release late this year.


Here is a sample from David's Smooth Jazz Album


The Soul Mission is a whole new urban blues experience, bringing together the ecstasy of soul, the vibrancy of R&B and funk and the street poetry of rap into one kick-ass sound.

From B.B. King and Buddy Guy, to John Coltrane and Jimmy Smith, to James Brown and the Family Stone, to Eminem and Guru, our influences are broad and deep.

We're on a mission. A mission to create an uncompromising, honest and powerful testament to the power of music to send chills up and down your back and to bring us all together.


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David's solo singer / songwriter album is due to be released in January of 2009.

It's not Funk, It's not R&B and it's not Jazz, it's just David singing from the heart about real life situations.

Here is a sample of David's Solo Singer / Songwriter work